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4 Steps To Having Dental Implants

4 Steps To Having Dental Implants

Have you been considering a dental implant?

If you’ve just lost a tooth due to infection, traumatic accident, or have just been living with a missing tooth for a while, you are most likely a good candidate for having a dental implant.

The problem is that many people just avoid going to the dentist to seek out a solution to replace a missing tooth.

The most common reason for this is fear. Fear of the pain of having a dental implant or a screw inserted into their jaw bone.

Parallel to this is the lack of understanding of why implants are so important.

You see, with a missing space in your mouth, your teeth will begin to shift. For instance, if you’re missing a lower tooth, the teeth in front of and behind it will shift to a new position. Moreover, teeth in the upper jaw, above the missing tooth will also begin to shift. The shifting teeth can cause you a plethora of new dental problems in the future.

A dental implant is the best solution

dental model of an implant

If for you, this is the case, you may have already been wondering about the dental implant procedure steps. How long will it take? What’s the first step? How many visits to the dentist? Of course, there are more questions as well, but these are the most common I hear during the consultation with our Medi Tours Hungary dental team.

Although I’m going to review the three-four main steps of getting an implant, the real first step is to consult your dentist. During the consultation, you will have a full evaluation with an x-ray/CT scan and discuss all your treatment options with involved costs.

Once you’ve had your consultation and are determined to be a good candidate for dental implants, here is what you can expect from the procedure.

Dental Implant Procedure Steps: What to Expect?

Step 1: Getting Started, Removal Of Old Teeth

If you have a tooth that needs to be extracted, you will need to take this step first. There are a few cases where an implant screw can be inserted into the jawbone immediately following an extraction, but, in general, this is not the case.

So, if you’re considering traveling over to Budapest for implants, you may need to have the extraction done separately.

Step 2: Placing The Implant Screw Into The Jawbone

dental implants placed in upper jaw

Upon arriving at the clinic and meeting your dentist, you’ll go over the entire procedure again for your reassurance. Then, when you’re ready to start, you’ll receive a few local anesthesia injections to numb your mouth and jaw.

Whether the dentist inserts the implant into the upper or the lower jaw, there will be drilling. The drilling is essential so that the implant fits tightly and snuggly into the jawbone, acting as the root of your new tooth.

Because there are many nerves in the areas where implants are placed, and your dentist or oral surgeon’s job is not to damage those nerves, he or she must have the proper knowledge and experience of the mouth, the ability to use 3D technology and years of experience.

After the implant is inserted into the bone, a “healing cap” is placed over it to protect it. The gum line is then closed with a few sutures.

I need to note that there are some cases where the bone isn’t initially ready to receive the implant. For instance, if you’ve had a missing tooth for a long duration of several years, the bone may have resorbed and thus become inadequate to receive the dental implant. A bone graft may be required to rebuild the bone either during or before this step 2.

Step 3: Osseointegration or Bone Healing

Once the implant is in place, healing or osseointegration can begin. The bone in your jaw needs to grow thoroughly around the implant to keep it fixed and tight in the bone like your original tooth root. This is a critical step in the success of dental implants.

Osseointegration refers to the implant “fusing” to the jaw bone.

Failure of this healing process to occur is what dentists refer to as ‘implant failure.’ You shouldn’t be so worried about it, however, as the rate is quite low. Most implants will osseointegrate fully within 3-6 months, making the implant strong like your original teeth. This is why implants come highly recommended as the best long-term tooth replacement solution.

When the healing is finished, it’ll be time to move on to step 4.

Step 4: Getting Your New Tooth

smiling woman

Well, the time has finally come. The moment you’ve been waiting – your new tooth.

When you arrive at the clinic for your final visit, the dentist will open up the gum line (where the implant was placed), and take an impression of your teeth.

If you are replacing more than one tooth, than a bridge or denture may be needed instead of a single crown.

After a couple of days, the laboratory will prepare your tooth, and the dentist will permanently fix the new tooth or bridge into your mouth.

Congratulations! Take a mirror in your hand and have a look. Wow! no one will tell that you even had a missing tooth in the first place.

These the most important 4 steps in having a dental implant. If you have any questions or wish to make an appointment with our Medi Tours Hungary dentists, click here to register for a free consultation.

Until next time!

Dr. Randy Simor

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Hi Everyone!  I’m Dr. Randy and I’m an American expat here in Budapest now for 25+ years.  I completed my medical training and education at the Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest in 1999 and have been working in the local healthcare market ever since. I established Medi Tours Hungary in 2005 and have been helping patients ever since come to Budapest for high quality, affordable cosmetic treatment.

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