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5 tips for skin

5 Tips For Your Skin Under Lockdown

Now that you’re under lockdown and elective treatments are temporarily unavailable, how can you have younger looking skin and maintain the results of your recent treatments?

For instance, injectables like Botox and dermal fillers, which are the most popular types of cosmetic intervention to reduce lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, and forehead, need to be repeated regularly.

For instance, if you’ve had Botox within the last 2-3 months, you may be feeling a little on edge about looking in the mirror and watching the effects wearing off. Think this isn’t stressful, think again!

So, in the interest of keeping your skin looking younger, longer, here are a few ‘Skin Under Lockdown’ tips that can help you maintain toner, smoother, wrinkle-free skin longer until appointments open up again.

Skin Under Lockdown Tip 1: Avoid Sun Overexposure

Now that you’re at home, and it’s Spring, you may be spending more time outdoors – in the Sun.

It’s not a secret that when it comes to having a strong, healthy immune system, sunlight is, without a doubt, the most effective and natural way to protect yourself from any illness, including colds, the flu, or other types of parasite infection.

However, too much direct sunlight can lead to the breakdown of collagen and other support proteins in the skin that causes lines, wrinkles, and sagging (facial aging).

Always use a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, even on overcast days. Use it plentifully on your face, neck, and hands to gain the maximum anti-aging effect.

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Skin Under Lockdown Tip 2: Good Skin Care Regimen

With all the extra time you have on your hands, there’s no better opportunity to make a good skin regimen. Proper skin care and hydration, such as using a daily moisturizer, toner, and cleansers, will make your skin look and feel younger and more supple.

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Skin Under Lockdown Tip 3: Zinc

Another timely immune booster, Zinc is one of those minerals that the body uses widely for many different functions. Zinc stimulates the white blood cell count, and therefore, is your primary defense against infection.

However, there’s another essential organ that positively reacts to Zinc. That’s your skin. You see, Zinc not only helps to improve acne by regulating testosterone levels, but it also stimulates the synthesis of new collagen in your skin, which keeps wrinkles and lines afar.

Botox also reacts with Zinc. Studies have shown that if Zinc levels are adequately maintained, Botox can last up to 30% longer than in people with deficiencies.

The recommended dietary allowance is 11mg/day for men and 8mg/day in women.

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Skin Under Lockdown Tip 4: Don't Stress

Obviously, this may be easier said than done. In a world full of COVID-19 fear and financial collapse, you may be feeling very stressed out.

Stress speeds up the aging process and can make you feel tired, depressed, and age your skin.

When you’re stressed, you tend to move the muscles that make you squint and frown more frequently, and this movement will make the effects of Botox and dermal fillers wear off faster.

Our best recommendation is to, firstly, believe that no matter what your situation currently is, your life will change for the better after all of this is in the passing.

Secondly, try to avoid always looking at yourself in the mirror!

Skin Under Lockdown Tip 5: Stay In Contact With Your Plastic Surgeon

Being under lockdown doesn’t mean you’re not able to keep in contact with your plastic surgeon. More and more doctors have set up VOIP protocols such as Skype or Zoom (telemedicine) and are available for online consultation. Keep in contact to see what your doctor recommends for you.

Moreover, now is the time to do your research. Our Medi Tours Hungary website is full of valuable information that you utilize. Once things get back to normal, you will be able to set up your appointments quickly.

Until next time,
Stay Safe!

Dr. Randy Simor

About Us

Hi Everyone!  I’m Dr. Randy and I’m an American expat here in Budapest now for 25+ years.  I completed my medical training and education at the Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest in 1999 and have been working in the local healthcare market ever since. I established Medi Tours Hungary in 2005 and have been helping patients ever since come to Budapest for high quality, affordable cosmetic treatment.

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