About Us

Welcome to Medi Tours Hungary(MTH). We are a leading, independent medical tourism agency providing a wide array of treatment and travel coordination services abroad in Budapest, Hungary, Prague, Czech Republic, and Bratislava, Slovakia.  

Our services focus on cosmetic and aesthetic treatments such as dentistry, plastic surgery, hair transplants, LASIK vision correction, and other anti-aging therapies.
Highly qualified specialists and lower treatment costs have made Central Europe a popular destination for aesthetic treatment-seeking tourists from all over the world. 
Dental crowns and implants, hair transplants, surgical facelifts, and ‘boob jobs’ are just a few examples of treatments where medical travelers can save anywhere from 50%-70% in comparison to similar treatments in the UK and other Western countries.  
Our company was established as a medical tourism agency back in 2005 by Dr. Randy Simor, an American-born, Hungarian-trained medical doctor, and consultant. Early on, he recognized the need to build an English language medical tourism company and web portal for highly sought out cosmetic treatment services offered in Budapest.  
With over 25 years of experience in the Hungarian health market, Dr. Simor has since built a trusted network of some of the best, most well-renowned clinics and specialists in anti-aging and cosmetic therapy.  
Our services include specialties in the following fields of cosmetic treatment:
* Cosmetic Dentistry 
* Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery 
* Hair Transplants 
* LASIK vision correction 
* Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation 
Also, our website contains a wealth of information you can use to research a vast array of popular cosmetic treatments. 
Because we are a medical tourism agency locally based, if you find a treatment that you are looking for, we can assist you in organizing your appointments, accommodation, airport shuttle, and personal escort to and fro the clinics.   
You can register yourself for a free online consultation here
So, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to travel to Central Europe’s most vibrant cities and save on anti-aging cosmetic treatments.  
Our company can help you do it all without any additional cost to you, the patient.

How does a medical tourism agency work? 

Our medical tourism company provides information about travel and treatment to inquiring patients from abroad before they travel.  
In 3 easy steps, you, too, can be on your way to Budapest to take advantage of popular aesthetic treatments at deeply discounted prices. 
Here is how it works: 
1.  Register yourself for a free online consultation or contact us either via email, Facebook, or any other application that you use. Let us know what you desire, and upload(send) a few pictures of the areas you wish to treat.
2. An MTH consultant will present the information you send to one of our specialists for an evaluation and a complete treatment price quote.
3. If you decide to accept the offer, our agency will provide you with availability and booking options for treatment dates and times, accommodation, airport/clinic shuttles, and escort in either Budapest, Prague, or Bratislava. 

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