Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant in Budapest

Hair Transplant in Budapest

Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant in Budapest means more precise follicular extraction, less damage, and more grafts in a day.
Hair Transplant in Budapest


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Hair Transplant in Budapest

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Our modern, hygienic clinic and friendly staff are discreetly located in a large building just outside the city center. 

Jordan's FUE hair transplant in Budapest

This is your chance to relax, chill out and enjoy the comforting services of the leading hair clinic just a few minutes outside the center of Budapest. Pick from a wide range of alternative hair treatments to prevent hair loss strengthen and thicken existing hair.

Hair Transplant Frequently asked Questions

Loss of hair in men is attributed to the male hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). DHT is a derivative of testosterone and is an essential hormone for masculine development in men. Unfortunately, DHT is also responsible for the loss of hair. The difference between being bald and having a thick head of hair is not about the level of testosterone, but rather about how sensitive the hair follicles are to the presence of DHT. Bald men have a higher sensitivity.
This can only be determined at a personal consultation with the hair doctor. A maximum of 4000 hairs can be transplanted in a one-day session and 6000-7000 hairs over two consecutive day sessions. If at the consultation, the doctor determined that you would need 8000+ hairs and your donor nape area is thick enough, a second surgery can be performed a year later.
1. Are you a male experiencing loss of hair male pattern baldness for a few years?

2. Do you have realistic expectations about having a hair transplant? and understand that hair loss can continue even after hair transplant surgery despite taking medications to stop hair loss?

3. Are you interested in having more hair to give a younger-looking appearance?

4. Has your hair loss stabilized?

5. Have you experienced hair loss due to trauma or burns?

6. Have you experienced hair loss due to having a facelift or other cosmetic procedure?
Using specialized instruments, hair transplantation involves careful extraction of follicular hair units from the donor (hairy) sites on the scalp. Following the extraction, the hairs are transplanted back to the receptor (bald) sites. The procedure is performed by initially making small circular incisions in the skin around the follicular hair units. Each follicle that is extracted can have anywhere from 1-4 hairs. The tissue surrounding the follicle is separated and the unit is extracted from the scalp, leaving a small, open hole. The individual hairs are then separated out and prepared for insertion. Tiny holes are then created in the receptor (bald) areas and the hairs are inserted. It is in these areas where new, healthy hair will grow from the hair-producing follicles. In summary, the procedure allows the surgeon to remove hair from the scalp skin with minimal tissue damage. This means FUE hair transplantation is less invasive with faster recovery times than other hair transplant techniques.
For men, hair loss at any age can be a distressing issue especially when it begins at an early or premature age. With a premature loss of hair comes a loss of self-confidence and self-image in many men. Until recently, this was just seen as an accepted reality. Fortunately, technology has advanced and the techniques used today for hair transplantation are effective and permanent and can dramatically restore your appearance and self-confidence. Hair loss in women is also an issue that affects self-confidence. this too can also be dealt with by using the same hair transplant methods.
One treatment session usually lasts between 4-8 hours. This depends on your individual needs. Normally, up to 2 hair transplant sessions can be performed on a particular trip to Budapest, but this will depend on how much hair can be harvested from your donor areas.
Normally the only discomfort associated with having a hair transplant is the initial application of the local anesthetic injections. After a few minutes, the anesthetic will take effect and you will not feel any pain.
An FUE hair transplant involves making very small (0.6-1mm), round incisions on the scalp using a specialized punch tool instrument. Because these incisions are so small, they only leave tiny puncture scars which will heal on their own within about 10 days. There are no stitches involved and thus no visible scars will remain so you can depart from Budapest the very next day.
Compared to earlier hair transplant methods, new FUE-2 methods are highly effective and even 100% new hair growth can be achieved. The results of the surgery are considered to be long-lasting or permanent, natural and authentic.
Recovery varies from individual to individual and can depend on your current health status, age, and body’s own healing abilities. Immediately following the treatment, you will experience scabbing that develops in the donor regions of your scalp. This scabbing will disappear over the course of about 10 days. The newly transplanted hair grafts or follicles are very fragile in the first 5 days of healing. It’s important to follow all the post-treatment care instructions given by hair specialists. After 1 week’s time, you can return to most of your normal everyday activities. You can depart from Budapest the day after the completion of your hair transplant.
We recommend that you arrive at least one day before your procedure to get comfortable in your hotel or other accommodation. Depending on whether you have a 1- or 2-day session, you will be given all the follow-up instructions for post-care after the completion of your final session. You are able to leave the very next day. There is no need to remain in Budapest longer for further check-ups.

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About Hair Transplant

Our hair specialists offer the latest FUE-2 SafeSystem hair transplant procedure known simply as ‘FUE’ (Follicular Unit Extraction). This modern method of hair restoration is fast and effective and will give you back your confidence and appearance. What is a hair replacement? The latest hair replacement surgery techniques are performed by taking your own, natural hair from the sides and back of your head, known as the ‘donor site’, and transplanting or moving it to the balding areas (crown, top, and temple) of your head. These are known as the ‘receptor’ areas.

Baldness tends to affect more males than females however females can suffer from hair loss too. Famous footballers such as Wayne Rooney, Scots millionaire Duncan Bannatyne, and William ‘Willo’ Flood have all successfully undergone this type of treatment.

Whatever the reason for your baldness, a hair transplant can provide you with a permanent solution. At the consultation, the hair doctor will take into consideration your medical history, age, and current health status to determine your suitability to undergo the procedure. The consultation will enable you to come to an informed decision.

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Hair Transplant

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