Vision Correction

LASIK is an acronym for ‘laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses’ and works by re-shaping the cornea which in turn leads to clearer vision. It’s considered to be the gold standard in laser vision correction surgery with an exceptionally high success rate. The procedure is quick, pain-free and has almost zero downtime.

Femto Lasik Eye Surgery


At Medi Tours Hungary we don’t just offer affordable high quality cosmetic dental treatments and plastic surgery to make you feel and look better, but we also offer specialized vision correction eye surgery interventions such as FEMTO Lasik eye surgery, Implantable Collamer Lens surgery, Refractive Lens Replacement surgery and Cataract surgery.

The medical treatments we have on offer will not only enhance and improve the quality of people’s lives but in some cases, totally transform them for the better.

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Dentistry in Budapest, Hungary.  Affordable implants, highly experienced dental surgeons, big saving and great results.  Watch more here.

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